Endorsement of Marc Boldt

There has been some consternation concerning YDCC’s recent endorsement of Marc Boldt for county council chair. We would like to take a moment to explain our endorsements process and our reasoning for selecting Mr. Boldt.

At the end of May, YDCC sent endorsement questionnaires to all candidates in Clark County running in city council and port commission campaigns, as well as to all Democrats and independents running in partisan county council campaigns. YDCC’s bylaws prevent us from endorsing Republicans. We determined candidates’ party affiliations – or lack thereof – by reviewing the official candidate listings on the Clark County Elections website. Our endorsement committee interviewed most of the candidates who submitted a questionnaire and presented the body with a slate of recommendations. The body then made the final decision about whom we would endorse.

Mr. Boldt was among one of the first people to return his questionnaire to the endorsements committee, and he expressed great enthusiasm at the opportunity to speak with us. Mike Dalesandro, the Democrat running in the race, also submitted a questionnaire, and we were happy to interview him as well. After interviewing the candidates, we were pleased to find that they both shared many of the policy positions espoused by the membership of YDCC in areas such as transportation, Clark County’s comprehensive plan alternatives, and implementation of the new charter approved by voters last November.

Given their similarity in matters of policy, our members expressed the desire to support the candidate who had the experience and skills necessary to lead what will likely be a sharply divided council next year. In the end, we decided that Mr. Boldt’s independence and open-mindedness, as well as his past experience as a county commissioner, made him the right choice for the job. Furthermore, we were impressed with his vision for engaging youth in Clark County government. Going beyond the abstract affirmations of the importance of young people generally expressed by candidates, he laid out a plan for revitalizing the Clark County Youth Commission and for including the perspective of young people in a wide range of county departments and programs. This is a level of concern for the perspectives of young people we rarely see in candidates for any office.

YDCC did not make the decision to endorse Mr. Boldt lightly; we did so only after a lengthy discussion amongst our members. Mr. Dalesandro is a worthy candidate, and our decision to endorse Mr. Boldt should not reflect poorly on him. Especially since the other candidates running for this position are the same dysfunctional Republicans who currently make up the county council, we would be delighted to see both Mr. Boldt and Mr. Dalesandro make it through the primary.

It has been pointed out that we have broken with the Clark County Democrats in our endorsement of Mr. Boldt. Primary elections are often a trying time for people who normally fight on the same side, and we don’t expect everyone in the local Democratic Party to agree with our decision. But in the end, we all want the same thing: a council that works to improve the lives of everyone living in the county. We look forward to a spirited and respectful primary campaign, and wish good luck to all of our endorsed candidates.


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