2015 Endorsements

This year, for the first time, the Young Democrats of Clark County have endorsed a slate of candidates. After a questionnaire and interview process, the 4-person endorsement committee brought a slate of candidates to the body on June 16 for a vote. We are excited to announce the candidates we have endorsed for the 2015 election. Each candidate is one that we believe will be a positive influence on our community, and is someone that the YDCC is happy to affiliate themselves with. Our endorsements are as follows:

Port Commissioner, position 2: Eric LaBrant.
Vancouver City Council, position 4: Bart Hansen.
Vancouver City Council, position 5: Ty Stober and Linda Glover.
Vancouver City Council, position 6: George Francisco.
Clark County Council, District 2: Mike Pond.
Clark County Council Chair: Marc Boldt.

Questions regarding endorsements can be directed to Seamus Davis or Melissa Boles at ydclarkco@gmail.com.

Congratulations to all of the candidates – we wish you the best of luck!


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